Haverfordwest Business Circle

The Haverfordwest business circle was set up by a group of independent businesses who care passionately about the town in 2014.
Please take a look at our members page to see where you can shop in Haverfordwest, eat and drink and what services are available. Members page.

Our aim is simple, to encourage shoppers back into our County Town, we aim to achieve this through a variety of activities and promotions.

“Oh no not another group” I hear you say, well yes- but how will we be different? Well firstly we intend to do more than just talk about what we can do, talk is good but action is better!

We also recognise that businesses have to help themselves to solve the problems within the town. It is not enough to just promote our own business, we need to promote the town itself, providing shoppers and visitors with a enjoyable experience. This can be archived by working together, to provide attractions and events which would make visiting the Town Center and enjoyable experience.

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